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Oct 14, 2019

621. British TV: Dragons’ Den (Part 3) Discord in the Den

One more episode about this TV series involving entrepreneurs getting investment for their business startups. In this one there's plenty of disagreement and some strong feedback from the Dragons.

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Oct 11, 2019

620. British TV: Dragons' Den (Part 2) Negotiation

Listen to a real business negotiation and learn loads of English in the process. Vocabulary, scripts and notes available below.

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Oct 10, 2019

P02 Pronunciation Drills Video

A video featuring 7 pronunciation drills from Premium episode 2. Repeat after me and pay attention to natural features of pronunciation like connected speech, sentence stress, weak forms and intonation. Also you can see my mouth and body moving while saying the sentences. Repeat, repeat,...

Oct 9, 2019

619. British TV: Dragons’ Den (Part 1) Business Vocabulary

Learn tons of business vocabulary in context in this episode all about a TV show about entrepreneurs negotiating investment for their business startups. 

This episode contains a business ramble about things like equity investments, financial projections,...

Oct 7, 2019

P16 [3/3] Test & Pronunciation Drills

Test your grammar and practise your pronunciation in this episode which contains a test, all the answers to that test, then pronunciation drills to help you develop a more natural English accent.

Also, can you spot the hidden Beatles lyric?

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